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12 Months of Unforgettable Office Events and Catering Ideas


Looking to spice up your office events and catering options throughout the year? Look no further! From healthy kick-offs to holiday parties, we've got you covered with 12 months of unforgettable office event ideas and catering options. Whether you're looking for cheap office catering or want to go all out with event catering, we have something for everyone. Let's dive in and start planning your best year yet!

January - Kick-off the New Year with a Healthy Start

Initiate the year with vitality by organizing a health-focused event this January. Opt for a versatile salad station, offering a bountiful selection of vegetables, lean proteins, and a variety of dressings to cater to all tastes. Enhance the experience by integrating a wellness activity, such as a seminar with a nutrition expert or a team-building exercise class, encouraging a lively and healthful start to the year. This initiative not only promotes well-being but also sets a positive tone for the months ahead.

February - A Month of Appreciation

Celebrate your team's hard work in February by organizing a heartfelt appreciation event. Opt for comfort foods that feel like a hug in a dish—think gooey mac and cheese, succulent BBQ ribs, or towering gourmet sandwiches. Elevate the experience with custom thank-you notes or thoughtful gifts to show your gratitude. It's the perfect way to warm hearts during the chill of winter and foster a culture of appreciation in your workplace.

March - Celebrate Women’s History Month

In March, spotlight Women's History Month by partnering with women-owned catering companies for a special meal. Indulge in a feast that celebrates female culinary talent. Enhance the occasion by inviting influential women to share their stories, providing inspiration and insight into their successes. This event not only honors women's achievements but also offers an opportunity for everyone to engage in meaningful dialogue over exquisite dishes.

April - Earth Day Inspired Potluck

For April, unite the office with an Earth Day-themed potluck emphasizing sustainability. Encourage employees to bring in dishes made from local, organic, or vegetarian ingredients, highlighting the importance of environmental consciousness through food choices. To further embrace the theme, organize a brief discussion on the impact of food sourcing on the planet, creating a more informed and eco-friendly team spirit.

May - Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Ignite a festive atmosphere in May by hosting a vibrant Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Collaborate with a catering service renowned for its authentic Mexican dishes to delight the team with flavorsome tacos, enchiladas, and refreshing margaritas. Adorn the office space with lively, colorful decorations and let the rhythm of Mexican music set the tone for an exuberant celebration. Encourage the team to partake in the spirit of the day by donning traditional Mexican attire, adding an extra layer of authenticity and fun to the festivities.

June - Welcome Summer with a BBQ

Kick off the summer vibes with an outdoor BBQ bash this June. Delight in the simplicity of grilling with favorites like juicy burgers, sizzling hot dogs, and vibrant veggie skewers. Add a dash of fun with classic summer sides like creamy potato salad and sweet, juicy watermelon slices. Engage in some friendly competition with lawn games such as cornhole, making for a relaxed and enjoyable start to the season.Find out more

July - Ice Cream Social

July brings the heat, making it the perfect time for an ice cream social. Offer a wide array of flavors and toppings, allowing employees to craft their own delicious concoctions. To add an element of fun, organize an ice cream creation contest with categories like 'Most Inventive Flavor Combination' or 'Best Presentation'. It's a delightful way to cool down and enjoy some sweet treats together.

August - Cultural Appreciation Day

August is the ideal time to embrace and celebrate the diverse backgrounds within your office through a Cultural Appreciation Day. Arrange for catering services that offer a global culinary experience, allowing your team to savor dishes from around the world. Organize activities such as cultural trivia, music from different countries, or language lessons to enrich the experience. This celebration of global cultures enhances workplace inclusivity and provides an educational yet enjoyable way for employees to learn about and respect different traditions and heritages.

September - Back to School Throwback

Revive the excitement of your school days in September with a delightful back-to-school themed event. Treat your team to childhood favorites like pizza squares, crispy fish sticks, and mini apple pies. Transform your office space with decorations reminiscent of a bustling school hallway, complete with lockers and classroom posters. This nostalgic event will have everyone reminiscing about their own school experiences while bonding over shared memories and comfort foods.

October - Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving Contest

Embrace the eerie ambiance of October by hosting a captivating Halloween event. Dive into the festivities with a costume contest, letting creativity and spookiness shine among your team. Pair this with a pumpkin carving contest to tap into everyone's artistic side, with prizes for the scariest and most inventive designs. Cater to the Halloween theme with spooky snacks like ghost-shaped cookies and witch's brew punch, creating a ghoulishly delightful experience for all.

November - Thanksgiving Potluck

In November, celebrate the spirit of gratitude with a Thanksgiving potluck. Invite everyone to contribute their beloved holiday specialties, creating a diverse and heartwarming feast. Set up a cozy ambiance with autumnal decorations and soft, warm lighting. This gathering is a wonderful opportunity for the team to share stories of thankfulness and enjoy a diverse array of homemade dishes, fostering a sense of community and belonging in the workplace.

December - Holiday Party to Remember

Celebrate the season's spirit with a spectacular December holiday bash. Enlist a professional catering service to delight guests with classic festive dishes and innovative seasonal delights. Create an engaging atmosphere with holiday-themed activities, such as a secret Santa gift exchange and a lively photo booth adorned with festive props. This event is the perfect way to cap off the year, leaving everyone with cherished memories and looking forward to what's next.12 Months of Unforgettable Office Events and Catering Ideas

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